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Last updated on 24th Feb. 2020
Minor update to change blogspot.in to blogspot.com on 20th Sep. 2020

July 2016 update: I now spend very limited time on this and other software related blogs/sites as I have retired even from non-commercial work in the software field.

My name is Ravi S. Iyer and I am using this blog to play a part-time, peaceful and amicable, Indian CS & IT academic reform, Internet-based activist role. Actually my focus is on improving the practice of software development in Indian CS & IT academia. But I think that it is such a vital part of the CS & IT field and that it is so poor in many parts of Indian CS & IT academia, that I feel it is appropriate to refer to my efforts as Indian CS & IT academic reform efforts.

I started this blog with the pen-name of Eklavya Sai Maalik as I was not sure about how my views may be received by the academic community. Now, I am very happy to state, they are quite tolerant about my views even though some of them may disagree, perhaps vehemently, with my views, and so I do not need to use a pen-name.

I am a Physics Graduate (and Physics Masters drop-out) who was industry trained and later self-taught in software development.

I worked in the international software industry (US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India etc.) developing systems as well as applications software (CS & IT) for over 18 years after which I retired from commercial work.

Later, mainly as a "visiting faculty", I offered free service of teaching programming courses (lab. courses) and being a "technical consultant" for student projects in a Maths & Computer Science department of a deemed university in India for 9 years.

My (software) biodata can be viewed here: https://ravisiyer.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/202002-ravisiyerbiodata.pdf.
And my software industry work experience here: https://ravisiyer.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/raviiyerindustryworkexperience.pdf.

http://raviiyerteaches.wordpress.com has course material (including links to external US university sites) of some of the computer programming (software lab.) courses taught by me in the aforementioned Mathematics & Computer Science department of a deemed university.

An activity suspended due to lack of time is: “Service to Society” Free and Open Source IT software development especially aimed at rural Indian society via the site http://raviiyer.org.

For more about me including my interests in spirituality & religion you may please visit: http://ravisiyer.blogspot.com/p/about-ravi-s-iyer.html.